No Fear Reading Program

Your child will lose their fear of reading and gain confidence and comprehension. 


Who is 

No Fear Reading For?


Struggling readers who feel shamed, discouraged, angry, and yes - even fearful about reading.
Struggling readers who have ADHD, dyslexia, Central Audio Processing Disorder, ASD and an IEP.
Struggling and overwhelmed parents who are ready to help their child overcome their learning challenges.

With No Fear Reading

You Can Change All That! 

  • Replace fear and frustration with confidence and courage.

  • Build enthusiasm for the program with rapid results.

  • Give them a word decoding strategy that actually works.

  • Increase fluency and comprehension.

  • Pass the EOG and other gateway measurements. 

  • Use topics your child is interested in to build momentum.

  • Create a love for reading.


You Have Probably Tried Everything Else

You've tried the national chain tutoring companies, the retired teacher, and the expensive computer programs. Your child has an IEP and a resource teacher.  You pushed for an analysis and ended up with a bunch of labels and a child that is still below grade level in reading comprehension.

Now try something that works!
I'm Keith Deltano, the creator of "No Fear Reading" and I'm glad you are here.  I want you to know that I've been in your child's shoes and and had to repeat third grade because of my inability to read.
I believe my personal struggle to learn how to read, and survive school in general, is one of the reasons my program works. 
I remember that words looked like a jumbled mess to me, that d's looked like b's and none of what I was seeing made any sense. I would cry and scream, "They're just little black marks." I also remember the fear I felt toward reading.
I went on to become an award-winning teacher, parent coach, academic coach, national educational speaker, and curriculum creator.
I use this first-hand experience to help parents help their children. 
Let's fix this.  
The No Fear Reading system has been successfully changing the lives of students that have ADHD, Dyslexia, and CAPD (central audio processing disorder).  As a matter of fact, Keith has all three himself causing him to be held back in third grade because he could not read.
Join No Fear Reading to help your child overcome reading disabilites