No Fear Reading Signature Course

Your child will be able to decode words, gain fluency, and read at grade level.  They will comprehend what they are reading, pass the EOGs, and learn to love reading.


What You Get

Video Lessons Delivered Once a Week

Each lesson features me working with a parent and student, teaching drills and concepts.  This is not a talking head format with a power point - you will see me working with actual parents of struggling readers and their children.  By watching these videos, you will learn EXACTLY how to implement that particular drill with your own child. Run the drills I model for fifteen minutes a day and your child will rapidly progress. 

The Lessons

You will also receive instruction on:

How to stop word skipping * How to stop fidgeting and excessive movement. * How to instruct children with visual processing challenges and audio processing disorders. * Learn why body position impacts reading. *  What is executive function and why it matters. *  Why school accommodations may be slowing reading gains. * Why brain neuroplasticity is a secret weapon. * How to build excitement through games. * How to discipline an ADHD child.

Introductory Offer:

One Year Subscription for 94.00 

(Regular price 284.00)

It will not take you one year to get your child to grade level, however, you will want  access to new modules that Keith will be adding to the course. 

These topics will  be as varied as:  how to improve  your child's writing ability, how to go beyond grade level, how to get your child addicted to reading, as well as how to augment the education your child is receiving. 

During this introductory offer, new subscribers will receive a free online consultation with Keith.


With the No Fear Reading Program You will find answers to questions you have lain awake wondering about:

  • Why does your child skip words and whole sentences and actually be unaware they have missed them?

  • How is it your child can read a passage and have absolutely no idea what it is about?

  • Why do they say a word that is not even close to what they are supposed to be reading?

  • How can your child get As and Bs, be promoted every year, yet flunk the EOG and obviously be below grade level in reading and unable to read a menu?

  • Why is it your child can build the most complicated Lego creations yet is unable to read?

  • Why is it your child can create pictures and drawings that amaze people, create music, have articulate conversations with adults, and manipulate their physical environment, yet be unable to read?

  • Why do “bs” and “ds” look the same to them and why does “them” become “him?”

  • In short, why are they so smart and creative, yet unable to read?